Premium Palette Knife Painting Paste|Texture Paste|Authentic Bright Colors|Ready to Use|Easy to Apply| 6oz 

The Premium Knife Painting Paste / Texture Paste is especially created for your Artwork. It is created by our Team of Professional Artists for best results and maximum satisfaction. As an artist, the best thing you know is, that there is no going back after you start with your artwork. Preparations take forever and are not easy to make.Time is valuable and mistakes are mostly impossible to fix.Too much work, depression and frustration . So we decided to minimize the possibility of mistakes for you and created this comfortable paste. Our Paste is specially formulated as Knife Painting Paste and Texture Paste. You will experience easy and excellent results on your Artwork while using this paste. Excellent Features: It has the Slow Dry Feature, which allows you to work with the paste on your project much longer, without getting the paste dried out. More Time - More Possibilities - Less Mistakes - Much more Effectiveness. The Paste is Ready to Use and very Easy to Apply. The colors are Unique and Authentic while giving a wonderful Brightness on your project. We call this the WOW Effect. It is applicable on most surfaces which makes it even easier for your creativeness. Professionals use this Paste and you are a Professional.